Resolve the Resolution

From the word itself – solution, resolve, – there is a problem that needs a cure. Resolutions always last for a month or two. As New Year approaches us, most of us have all wrote down our goals for 2016. As cliché as it may sound, many wanted a healthier us for the coming year. It’s good that each of us still aims to become the better version of ourselves. However, we have been inconsistent and left us waiting for another year to start with same goals. Resolutions are not created to resolve a resolution and we need not to wait for a new year to commence. Instead of resolving, be committed. We all have that hold on staying committed to our partners, family and work. Let us exude the same scent of commitment to our goals, plans and dreams. Balanced life and invest on yourself. Being at peace from within will resolve all the conflicts that we have and eventually bring out the best in us.

Love, career and travel – story of my 2015 and I vowed to stay committed to these. 🙂

All the best 2016!