End of week, end the weak!

I’ve been a victim of my own self trying to accomplish everything in one sitting. My mind is always overwhelmed with thoughts of what I need to do, tasks that I want to start doing, even worries on things that are not yet happening. Either I will end up doing nothing because I don’t know which one I should do first or multi-task and feel restless after.

Life now is always in motion. Fast. Challenging. Social media can put so much pressure on us if we allow to. It becomes so powerful that it defines us, swallows our whole being.

Going forward is always good, but let us not forget to stop, breathe and live in the moment. I hope each of us will find a way to regain self-peace. It can be yoga, a book, a run or a silent prayer that will keep us alone and away from all the chaos even for a few minutes.

May we make use of our weekends on these.

Happy weekend!