Your hands were the first i got to hold,

Your eyes were the first sight that brightened my day

Your lips were the first to kiss my cheeks,

Your voice was the first music to my ears.

Your anger was the first that made me scared,

Your smile was the first that filled me with happiness,

Your fears were the first sign of my weakness,

Your tears were the first to bring me sadness.

Your hugs were the first to vanish all my fears,

Your touch was the first that healed my wounds,

Your protection was the first to guard my soul,

Your love was the first I’ve ever known.

I had all my firsts in you,

You had all your firsts in me

My mother,

Your eldest.

Author: DeityWrites

A traveling old soul with a nostalgic pen. 2017 Wanderast Best Travel Story

One thought on “Uno”

  1. “The heartโ€™s enormous capacity for love is matched with an equal capacity for pain, and yet we love anyway and somehow find fragments of that love even amid the ruins of loss.” – Maria Popova

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