Like Mike


Basketball is like an air that Filipinos breathe. Basketball courts in every street, full or half, it doesn’t matter as long as people around the community can dribble, pass and shoot. Some play for the health of it, some do it for fun, some do it for a living.

Originated from Springfield Massachusetts by the genius, Dr. James Naismith, a physical education teacher at YMCA, basketball has gone a long way. A household item, everyone can name a player or two. The effect of this ball game transmit to real life. The way two teams compete, physically, mentally and emotionally during the whole 48 minutes reflects how we fight challenges in our life. We are bounded by time, guarded by our defenses, guided by strategies and molded by our self discipline. We lose some, we win some. That is how life is. And with every defeat, our comeback will define us.

Just continue, dribbling, passing and shooting that ball.

Author: DeityWrites

A traveling old soul with a nostalgic pen. 2017 Wanderast Best Travel Story

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