Writing is one form of communication. It provides information and knowledge to its readers. It does not only bring pleasure to the writer but to its readers as well. I’m a frustrated journalist, I admit. Writing is not just a hobby to me; it has been a company whenever there is stream of emotions and ideas. Be it happy, sad, new places to see, new experiences to share, I find comfort jotting these down on a piece of paper. It has been a habit to me to write these experiences and kept them stored in my memory by reading them. It does not only give me that nostalgic feeling but it also gives me lessons and inspiration to continue creating new ones.  But most of these pieces were kept and read by me alone. I haven’t had the chance to share my articles to other people. This gives me an opportunity to express myself, to explore on what else I can do, to tell the world my thoughts, opinions and views without fear.

This place will be an extension of who I’m, more probably a reflection of who this girl is, and maybe at some point might be of any help to my readers. This is Vette, sharing a piece of her.

Travel, food reviews, basketball, music, books, news, life, love..

Author: DeityWrites

A traveling old soul with a nostalgic pen. 2017 Wanderast Best Travel Story

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