End of week, end the weak!

I’ve been a victim of my own self trying to accomplish everything in one sitting. My mind is always overwhelmed with thoughts of what I need to do, tasks that I want to start doing, even worries on things that are not yet happening. Either I will end up doing nothing because I don’t know which one I should do first or multi-task and feel restless after.

Life now is always in motion. Fast. Challenging. Social media can put so much pressure on us if we allow to. It becomes so powerful that it defines us, swallows our whole being.

Going forward is always good, but let us not forget to stop, breathe and live in the moment. I hope each of us will find a way to regain self-peace. It can be yoga, a book, a run or a silent prayer that will keep us alone and away from all the chaos even for a few minutes.

May we make use of our weekends on these.

Happy weekend!

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Sakura 🌸

April is coming to an end. This month has been popularly known as the Spring Season. Undeniably, one of the best countries in Asia to experience it is in Japan. Sakura as how the they call it, is not just a blissful sight, it symbolizes a deeper meaning and tradition that the Japanese celebrates up to this time.

“The significance of the cherry blossom tree in Japanese culture goes back hundreds of years. In their country, the cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life. It’s a reminder that life is almost overwhelmingly beautiful but that it is also tragically short.” – Homaro Cantu

I’ve seen a lot of beautiful photos of Sakura posted by my friends and travel pages that I follow. Blessed with an opportunity to see it with my own eyes this year, was an overwhelming experience. After the trip, I had a deeper appreciation on why it was the most celebrated season in Japan. The relevance of Spring mirrors LIFE itself. Like Sakura, life blooms beautiful memories. Ironically, life too can be short, so we have to cherish every moment. Let’s spend more time with our loved ones, be kind, spread positivity and love fully. Let’s celebrate LIFE! 🌸

Japan-eats! What to eat in Tokyo?

Aside from Sakura, Manga and Shinkansen, Japan captured our hearts through their cuisine. They are known to prepare food passionately. They set high standards when it comes to richness and flavorful taste of their local food.

So a trip to this beautiful country will not be complete without “food trip”. It has been a week since I tasted one of the well-loved cuisines in the world. So, for anyone of you who will explore Japan soon, hope my “What to eat in Tokyo?” helps.

🌸 Fresh sushi and sashimi for breakfast in Tsukiji Outer Market. Be there early. The market closes before 12noon.

🌸 Ichiran Ramen (Shinjuku, Shibuya, Roponggi and Asakusa). Experience self-service ordering machine and sip authentic tonkatsu broth ramen in one of the most famous ramen houses in Japan. It is worth the long queue.

🌸 Yakisoba, Spicy Ramen and Bread. For authentic Japanese delicacies, eat around Ameyoko Food Street in Ueno after doing some shopping. Mostly they don’t have english menu but it comes with pictures so dont be shy to ask. Saw one local ordered bread and dipped it in soya milk. I did the same and it’s really good.

🌸 Izakaya. Allot one night for an Izakaya experience. It is a typical after-work drinking place for Japanese. Here, you will eat small dishes while drinking draft beer or “sake”. You can find one in Golden Gai.

🌸 Takoyaki in Takoyaki Museum in Aqua City, Odaiba. I’m not really a fan of Octopus balls but Takoyaki in Japan tastes so good that I craved for another one the next day.

🌸 Tanuki dumplings and Chicken chops in Tanuki tea house in Kawaguchiko. Grab some snacks while enjoying the view of Mt. Fuji.

🌸 Taiyaki or fish-shaped cake in Akihabara. It comes with different filling. Most common are red bean, cheese, custard and chocolate.

🌸 Melon Pan in Sensoji Temple, Asakusa. It has a crisp outer layer but soft in the inside. The sweet smell is too hard to resist.

🌸 Tamagoyaki omelet in Tsukiji Market. Before eating fresh tuna and salmon, fill your belly with this cake-like omelet dish. Plus it only costs JPY100.

🌸 Matcha Ice Cream. Yes, we have it here in PH but of course the experience of eating Matcha ice cream in Tokyo is one for the books.

I haven’t tried other delicacies such as Yakitori, Japanese Green Tea and a lot more which means I have to come back. But for now, I’ll savor in my memory the flavors from my recent trip. Oishi! ❀️

Thoughts after February 14

Thoughts about love. What is it really?

They say, love is wise. It teaches our mind what to feel. But why do some get fooled and ended up broken.

Some said love conquers all. It allows a person to do everything for someone they truly love. But why do some give up.

Another said that love is patient. Only fools rush in, so the song goes. They say if we really love someone, we have to wait for the right time. But how will you know if you waited too long. What if you’re waiting for nothing?

How do we define love? How can we explain a feeling that is too strong for words?

Love – unexplainable, unpredictable, complicated. Yet we chase it, we choose it. All the time.

Inked, Marked, Tattooed

Marking that dreadful day, I decided to write every 12th of each month. It liberated all the emotions inside me. It accompanied me as I journey on. And today it turned a year old. 12 blog posts full of yearning, affliction and torment.

“I leave it up to 2018 to surprise me”. Same date last year when I posted this statement on my first blog for 2018. In the past, I used to write my goals and plans at the start of each year. But in 2018, I didn’t. I broke my own rules and welcomed spontaneity. Little did I know that after publishing that post, I was few hours away from receiving the “surprise” that 2018 had for me.

It was the worst, devastatingly shocking surprise. It ripped all the sh*t out of me. Marking that dreadful day, I decided to write every 12th of each month. It liberated all the emotions inside me. It accompanied me as I journey on. And today it turned a year old. 12 blog posts full of yearning, affliction and torment.

On its anniversary date, I was thinking of writing the same thing. Later on, I changed my mind. I realized no matter how much I write, the pain will never goes away. This longing and emptiness will never end. The torment will always remain. All it will do is to consume what is left of me. I know whoever the reason for this pain will never want me to stay this way. That someone would like me to find the strength to go on, to live this life.

That day took the most important person in my life. I will never forget it. Far more, I will remember that someone as long as I shall live.

Forever, marked.


Hey 2018, I cant wait to leave you! The pain you brought me was the worst and the hardest that I had endured. I didn’t even know how I was able to pull through, but I did.

At the same time, a part of me would like to hold on to you. Leaving you means I will have to leave the last year that we shared together. Facing an entire year without my hero.

But life goes on as they say, no matter how hard it had been. I’ll bring with me memories not just of 2018 but all the years weve been together. Now, I bravely welcome you 2019, for whatever it is you have in store for me.


12th day of the 12th month of the year:

January – First birthday

February – First whole month

March – First summer outing

April – First church event

May – First Mother’s day

June – First visit to salon

July – First hospitalization

August – First sleep over in our new home

September – First job shift

October – First Gabe’s competition

November – First annual out of town trip

December – First family reunion

Without you..

Huck Finn

This weekend I decided to revisit the pages of my favorite childhood novel. Surprisingly, it feels like reading it for the first time. The story is more than just the (mis)adventures of a runaway boy with dirty clothes and a raft. It depicts cruelty, slavery, fraud, friendship and freedom which are still evident nowadays. It used to be entertaining for me to read as a kid, and still is, but with a different depth now as an adult. I even grabbed a pen and paper to scribble down quotes and takeaways. No wonder, it is the first Great American Novel! πŸ““

Butterfly πŸ¦‹

Today, concerts and musicals are gaining a lot of popularity here in the Philippines. It is applicable for both local and foreign. I’ve seen some this year; Sarah G and Ang Huling El Bimbo for locals and for foreign acts, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, Mariah Carey and soon Brian Mcknight on December. All of them were great, I lost my voice singing in Divide, danced the whole night in 24K, amazed by the production in This 15 me, watched with awe my first musical El Bimbo but it was the Caution Tour that holds a special place in my heart. It made my heart cry.

I grew up listening to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. I vividly remember how we played “Superwoman” in our cassette tape, paused it to capture the lyrics, jot it down then rewind to check if we got the lyrics right. Every Saturday morning while cleaning the house, Mariah’s playlist will be our background music. It was our energy booster. It made our household chores fun. Long drives were never boring with a good music riding along with us. Karaoke are always present on every birthdays or special occasions, as we sang our lungs out singing “Saving All My Love For You”.

She was not a singer but loved music. She introduced me to 80s and 90s music. She always told me how “out of style” my father’s song choices were. She taught me how to appreciate lyrics of every songs. When I was young, she surprised me with a mini component because she knew how much I love singing and dancing. She texted me whenever she listened to a music that she knew I will love like Angels Brought Me Here. Because of her, every song about life and love is about her.

She is my Through The Years, my Wind Beneath My Wings, my Hero, my Bye Bye, my One Sweet Day, my Song for Mama, my Supermarket Flowers.

She is my Butterfly. πŸ¦‹


In my dreams,

I saw your face

You smiled at me

It melted my heart

In my dreams,

I heard your voice

You spoke so softly

It calms my soul

In my dreams,

I held your hand

You touched me

It lingers in my mind

Once again,

You were there

You were with me

But only in my dreams